Destai Media – Victoria Stedje, Wordsmith

“Wordsmith,” he scoffed. “Isn’t that a bit pretentious?”
“Is it pretentious if it’s true?” she asked, innocently. “I smith, I use words, I’m a language artisan. I revel in well crafted prose, I bathe in the twists and turns of poetry. Once I discovered the glorious joy of playing with the written word, I never looked back!”

About Victoria

Born and raised in Sogn, Norway, this multi-talented, creative person by the name of Victoria Stedje has a varied background and a bright future. Victoria took to the internet and the online world of forums and messenger apps at a young age, and soon excelled in making them work for her. She started learning English at age 5, and has a university level education within linguistics. Victoria now works as a jewellery designer, translator, writer and general creative person on a freelance, self employed basis.

Skills and Experience

I have a wide range of skills and experience within the use of language.


I have been translating on a freelance basis since 2003. I am proficient in both Norwegian -> English and English -> Norwegian, and will take on work in either. I have translated tourist brochures, medical interviews, university texts, among other genres, and have a good general knowledge base and a large enough vocabulary to take on anything but the most technical of writing.

Product Descriptions

As an Etsy seller myself, I have practised the writing of product descriptions extensively. I specialise in handmade items, but can also take on commercial products for a more general market. My descriptions range between one to four paragraphs, depending on what you’re looking for.

Blog Posts / Articles

I have kept blogs and online journals on and off for two decades, and have a well developed writing style. I can write personal and lifestyle posts or more technical articles about most things. My spelling and grammar are near impeccable and my pieces rarely require much editing. I have written pieces for blogs such as Coaching for Geeks, among others, and post semi-regularly between my own three Destai sites.


I am an experienced writer of fiction, although as yet unpublished to the wider world. I have been posting my short stories on blogs, online journals and message boards for over 15 years and am a respected wordsmith among people who know my aliases. My strenghts are shorter prose and poetry; if you’re looking for a novel then I might not be the right person.